Self Assessment Diagnostic Tool

The Archimedes Spider Diagnostic Tool



You will see what your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can understand where you currently are in achieving your quality goals.

Are We A Forest School?

Archimedes recognises that organisations where transformational Forest Schools is practiced should be recognised and promoted to an assessed and regulated standard. If you have trained with one of the Archimedes training partners then you are well on the way to becoming accredited and quality assured. The diagnostic tool will help you look at your strengths as a Forest Schools venue and guide you should there be any opportunities for development in certain areas.

It is important that your organisation is realistic about it’s rationale for becoming an Archimedes quality assured Forest Schools venue. This tool will help you to become the highest possible quality assured venue.

Archimedes doesn’t just offer a Forest Schools badge to organisations that run Forest Schools programmes at their sites, Archimedes assesses and assures the highest of standards and the best in Forest Schools delivery. Archimedes quality assured organisations embed the ethos and ideals of pure, transformational Forest Schools throughout everything they do.