Forest Schools Leadership Centre

Forest Schools Leadership Centre


Quality Mark LeadershipLeadership Centre status is awarded to the best Forest Schools sites around the world. It is uniquely distinguished by your commitment to the development of the whole person of childhood.

Leadership Centre status is also a signal to the wider education world that you recognise the importance of responding to young people’s development needs ahead of your own and that transforming lives, through Forest Schools, is key to what you believe.

The quality standard covers the same eight key areas for each standard but each award is unique in that it examines the staffing and environmental facilities employed at your site.


Staffing Levels


For this award your site:

Must Have…

One – Forest Schools Trainer/Practitioner at Level 4 (Open Awards. BTECH, Agored) or above.

Two – Forest Schools Practitioners at Level 3 (Open Awards. BTECH, Agored) or above.

Three – Forest Schools Assistants at Level 2 (Open Awards. BTECH, Agored) or above.

One – Governor/Director who is representing Forest Schools activity on the Governing Board.


Price* **

£275.00 for 3 years accreditation (with annual review)

A 230mm Stainless Steel wall plaque is available at £70.00 + £12.00 P&P


Quality Mark Application Form
This is the name of the organisation that will ultimately receive the award
This is the address where the applicant's organisation is physically located (it can be its postal address too but it is not just a postal address)
This is the level of award that your organisation is applying for in this application.
Confirmation of authority and understanding of the nature and terms of receiving a quality award


Environment Requirements

Your site will have designated access to natural and wild spaces where young people are free to express themselves and are provided with the resources to fully develop in ways that cannot be achieved inside the classroom. Archimedes will audit your site and help you create the highest standards of outdoor learning facility adapted for the full provision of excellence in Forest Schools.


Quality Requirements



• Strategic planning and governance includes Forest Schools activity

• Whole organisation approach to Forest Schools activity

• Staff are properly trained to deliver and supervise Forest Schools activity

• Sufficient resources to enable students to have a high quality experience of Forest Schools activity


• Plan and evaluate the learning expected as a result of Forest Schools activity with your students

• Personalise learning from Forest Schools activity in terms of student need, challenging targets and achievement

• Ensure that learning is inclusive and takes account of the views of students

• Ensure that Forest Schools learning is embedded across all curricula and vice versa


• Ensure that quality of Forest Schools learning provision is monitored and evaluated

• Ensure that continuous improvement is planned and delivered

• Data evidence improvement in relation to student participation, progression and achievement as a result of Forest Schools activity

• Internal and external assessments of provision tally


• Maintain robust health and safety records that evidence high level commitment to health and safety at strategic and practical levels

• Ensure that all staff involved in the delivery of Forest Schools activity carry out prescribed Forest Schools risk assessments

• Evidence the health benefits to students of participating in Forest Schools activities

• Ensure that all staff involved in the delivery of Forest Schools activity are properly trained and that CPD is planned


• Promote and seek parental, community and local business involvement in Forest Schools activity

• Share best practice from Forest Schools activity internally and with other schools

• Promote Forest Schools provision as part of your learning offer

• Ensure links with appropriate agencies to support Forest Schools provision


• Promote best Practice in environmental sustainability at your Forest Schools Site

• Promote the sharing of environmental knowledge and skills between all staff at the School or setting

• Your practitioners conduct Dynamic Daily Environmental Assessments of your Forest Schools sites

• Encourage CPD for Forest Schools Staff in Environmental Awareness and good practice – including skills and knowledge and understanding


• Monitor that the 7 principles of Forest Schools are maintained throughout the programme

• Promote the concept that nature is essential for holistic learning through out the school or setting

• Practitioners and teaching staff support the learner led methodology of Forest Schools within the classroom

• Maintain the promotion of self worth, self confidence and independence as well as academic targets throughout the learner’s experience


• Plan and evaluate the learning expected as a result of Forest Schools programmes

• Promote year round, continuous Forest Schools improvement as part of your learning offer and analyse results year on year

• Data evidence the improvement in relation to learner participation, progression and achievement as a result of Forest Schools participation

• Evidence the health benefits to students of participating in Forest Schools activities



You will see what your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can understand where you currently are in achieving any of the three standards.

(Once complete you will be able to download your additional, individual, diagnostic analysis and solutions report through our online shop at just £9.99)


* This is available with a consultative on-site assessment and you will receive a plaque, a certificate and an online badge unique to your organisation. Archimedes will assist you with fundraising to support yours and your parent’s desire to be recognised as one of the elite Forest Schools venues in the world.

** Registered Charities are eligible for a 30% discount on fees.

Discounts are available if linked to additional training needs.

If you just want to find out more about the award please complete this form.