Archimedes Earth



Learning and educating in the way a child sees the world


with just one goal…


“To transform the lives of children on every continent around the world”


Archimedes is a family of child centred Forest Schools professionals seeking to change the lives of children by connecting them with our ancient woodlands and natural landscapes in a unique and inspirational way.

It is clear to us that children are beleaguered by a system of education designed around targets and outputs…Archimedes programmes are different from any other in that we place the child at the centre of everything we do. Their essential needs, their spatial rights, and the meanings they seek are at the core of our work together.

Archimedes is a global collective of educational professionals delivering the change we wish to see; Archimedes family of practitioners are different from any other.  They have the knowledge and experience to transform the lives of children by re-engaging their deepest inner instincts with our living planet.

In truth, Archimedes trained people experience the change deeply and personally within themselves and it is this richness of enlightened experience that is passed on to others…they are becoming the change they want to see in our world…


This transforming knowledge applies equally to Archimedes inspired Beach Schools, Bush Schools, River Schools, Jungle Schools and Kindergartens and is widely used in Social Forestry programmes around the world to transform the lives of young people.