Archimedes Framework of Excellence

Framework of Excellence


FrameworkWhen education environments become the framework for constructing meaning for living and a bridge to understanding the value of a fulfilled life, children’s lives become transformed by discovering what it means to develop the potential for themselves and the world around them.

Education is one of our most precious resources. As we continue to evaluate our goals, it is important to set forth curriculum standards and reform designs that clearly include character education and the cognitive domain of learning.

During our time as professionals, we must thoughtfully reassess the reality of our direction so we will one day discover that we were a generation of educators who were caretakers of the greatest details

Archimedes Framework of Excellence is our underpinning quality system that will help you and your setting to play a vital role in bringing about the transformation we all seek. It will place woodland and wild space learning at the core of this tried and tested collaborative working learning model.

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