Things that are unique to us…


Archimedes Earth provides the latest Forest Schools knowledge, skills and pedagogy through its unique range of course materials. Our knowledge base will present practitioners with an opportunity to inspire their learners whilst creating transformation that changes lives.  We use this opportunity to support you in harnessing your true potential and passion towards taking young people into natural spaces.


By developing your own aspirations at every level, our course materials help you to achieve and apply the one true Forest Schools approach, in a diverse range of situations, and to transform the lives of those you mentor.  We will help you to build on your passion and inspiration to become a world class Forest Schools practitioner.  We will work with you as you help develop and use our shared approach together to create experiences that will affect the wellbeing and self worth of each and every individual.


To be passionate about and inspired to change and to aspire to that change are important foundations, however the process of growth is in itself a core element of our methodology.  In being able to transform, we become able to create and re-create ourselves as we wish. Transformational learning is a process that allows anyone to learn how to learn.  It focuses on the core ability and qualities of a person and helps create a sense of self awareness, which then becomes a foundation for personal development.


Our course materials are used on…


Outdoors and Up For It

Social Forestry

Certificate in Outdoor Learning

Woodland Skills

Forest Schools Practitioner Level 3

Forest Schools Assistant Level 2

Beach Schools Level 3

Bush Schools Level 3


Archimedes course materials have been developed over a number of years by the worlds leading Forest School educators.


The world of Forest Schools has some amazing and inspirational Forest School practitioners the vast majority have been trained using Archimedes materials. Our training is delivered by a not for profit partner FOREST SCHOOLS EDUCATION and a number of highly skilled ASSOCIATES around to world.