Accredited Forest Schools Level 4 Training Providers

Archimedes Forest Schools Level 4 Training Providers


Archimedes has trained and continues to develop its family of licensed and accredited course delivery partners. Archimedes believes that Level 3 training should only be delivered by Level 4 qualified trainers.


Each partner is trained and qualified as a Level 4 Trainer and offer their own unique learning provision as they carry the breadth of experience and the highest qualifications needed to train others.


For years we have called these trainers ‘Associates’ but in truth, they each run their businesses as individuals true to the ethos of Forest Schools and Archimedes.




 Forest Schools Education Ltd (Nationwide)

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Steve-GreavesSimon Robinson







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David Atkinson (Tyne & Wear)

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Patrick-Harrison-CropPatrick Harrison (Surrey)

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Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 13.10.02Richard Wood (Northumbria)

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KarenKaren Yearsley (Perthshire)

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