Outdoors & Up For It

Outdoors & Up For It…


Woodland-Adventure-Club-feb-2009-028-300x225This one day course is a highly practical course to enable participants to quickly learn a wide range of activities they can start running with their children straight away.

Whilst other courses will cover the theory and pedagogy associate with outdoor play and learning this course purely about learning new activities and will assume the participant is already working with groups of children. Each participant will also receive a “recipe book” of all the activities learnt on the day that contains all the instructions, outcomes and resources needed to run these activities.

This will be an invaluable reminder to staff when its time to go outdoors again or try something different with the children. Activities are all using natural resources and include such wonderful things as:

  • Charcoal Pencils
  • Magic Potions
  • Kites
  • Elder Jewellery
  • Leaf kebabs
  • Stirring pies

Many people want to take their children outdoors but lack the confidence to carry it out successfully, quite often this is simply due to not really knowing what is possible. Books are useful, but experience is so much more powerful! The course takes place over one day and will cover a variety of activities that range in time from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. Each can be developed and expanded to meet relevant needs.

The concept of the course is simply to present ideas, try them out and have a fun filled day with other people who also want to play, now!

The course is aimed at nursery practitioners and primary staff as well as those offering after school or extended schools provision. The activities can also be applied to older children – this can be discussed with the trainer on the day. Once the course is completed, the learner will:

  • Be introduced to and taken part in between 25 to 50 Outdoor Learning Activity ideas
  • Receive the instructional course booklet outlining all the activities covered in the days course and details on how to deliver them.
  • Have worked with a qualified and experienced outdoor play professional
  • Have discovered the excitement of a range of activities utilising the 4 elements Earth Fire Air Water
  • Been creative and imaginative using a range of approaches to the outdoors.
  • Have developed confidence in incorporating outdoor play and learning into their setting or schools ethos.
  • Have met with and shared a fun filled, action packed day with like minded practitioners.

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